All Edible - Love Cake? Love Our Toppers :-)
** Please Note **
To  see "Standups" cake toppers, please visit our page on facebook. The images give a much better picture of how they look.
Dr Who-Wafer Paper Toppers

Series 6 Figures from that lovable Time lords TV Show :)
Price: £2.50
Harry Potter

It's Wingardium Leviosarrr Not Levioserrr
Price: £1.99
Jessie J

She can sing, she can dance, and she looks Fab on a cake
Price: £1.99
Justin Bieber

He's Canadian A!. This sweeter than sugar tiny pop will taste even sweeter on your cakes
Price: £1.99

Xfactor Boy Band never looked soooooo good...on a cake
Price: £1.99
1D-One Direction-Wafer Paper toppers

Fans of 1D will love these popsters on top of the cakes
20 standing toppers
24 disc toppers
Price: £2.50
Star Wars-Wafer Paper Toppers

Classic Star Wars-a must for any fan of the dark side
Price: £2.50
Twilight-Wafer Paper standing toppers

Good enough to sink your teeth into!!
Price: £2.50

Wafer Disc toppers 4.5cm
Price: £1.99
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